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                     August Organizing Tips

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                                           Simplify Your Life Week

Simplify Your Life Week is observed during the first week of August of each year. This holiday encourages those who need to refocus their lives and declutter – that doesn’t just mean objects. The idea is to eliminate anything that causes stress or anxiety. Most of us have a tendency to clutter up our lives, both physically and psychologically. Here are some tips to get some breathing space in your life!

If you find yourself running your kids to one event after another, get organized at the beginning of each week by arranging carpools with nearby friends families in the same activities instead. You'll appreciate being able to save on time and gas so much that you might extend it to carpooling with other parents to PTA meetings or ride-sharing to work.

Cluster your errands for efficiency. Don't go to pick up your dry-cleaning unless you have additional items to drop off as well. Or if you need to pick up some food for a potluck dinner and you want to buy a hostess gift as well, think of a spot like SuperTarget or a club store where you can shop for a variety of items in one location rather than making trips to two separate stores.

Consider purchasing Quicken or Quickbooks software for your home computer. You can download your bank statements and other investment accounts so you have an instant glance at when you need to deposit more money to avoid an overdraft notice. In addition, sign up for automatic payment due alerts to your inbox, so you will never need to pay extra fees on an overdue payment.

Clipping coupons can often be a time-draining activity for a small payback of 25 cents here, or a dollar there. However, signing up for frequent buyer programs at your favorite coffee shops and stores can get you bigger paybacks for your time and money.

When you spend money, you’re bound to accumulate clutter. Clutter takes up time, space, energy, and/or money without providing any tangible benefit. Consider the time and effort it takes to care for your belongings. Could you think of better ways to spend your time?

An unfortunate consequence of today’s world is that being uber-busy has almost become like a badge of honor. If you find yourself holding back from inviting people over because the house is a mess, or you’re gaining weight because you can’t squeeze in your favorite Zumba class anymore, it’s time to reevaluate! Whether it feels like it or not, you are in control of your time. If you don’t have time to clean the family room or open that enormous stack of mail, it’s because you’ve decided (consciously or not) to spend your time in other ways. Be mindful of what are your priorities for your life, and figure out how to make space for what’s truly important to you. It doesn’t make you a horrible person to cut back to attending one sports game a week for each of your kids to fit in your own exercise, or to pay your middle-schooler to put labels on the mudroom cubbies so everyone is reminded where their stuff goes.

If you’d like to figure out ways to simplify your life, contact me today!