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                     September Organizing Tips

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Controlling our Corner of the World

The continuation of impacts COVID is having on our lives are both big and small. It’s really important to figure out ways to acknowledge and cope with those impacts, so this month’s tips will focus on that topic and how it applies to your home life.

The first strategy for coping with the continuation of COVID is to acknowledge it’s impacts without minimizing them. It may seem like the chaos of having kids at home full time is minimal compared to some people losing family members. However, there shouldn’t be comparisons in grieving, and this is no different. We may not have realized it’s a collective grief we’re experiencing, but it is. So allow yourself to grieve your own personal losses without judgment. To refocus, center your dinner meal with your family around having each person share one positive thing that happened that day. Maybe you’re frustrated that the grocery delivery didn’t arrive today, but acknowledge that load of laundry you were able to get done that’s been sitting on the floor for the last week.

The second strategy for coping with the continuation of COVID is to watch out for the pitfalls of “either/or” binary thinking. One example of binary thinking is “I’m never going to feel like the clutter in the house is under control.” See if you can’t switch this to ‘both/and” thinking instead. One example of this could be “The clutter in the house feels overwhelming right now, and I’m going to call my sister and figure out some practical ideas for improving the situation in the kitchen.” Being flexible and thinking on your feet can help improve your resilience.

A third strategy for coping with the continuation of COVID is to control what you can. Much of the current situation makes us feel totally out of control, so making a conscious choice to do something or to NOT do something helps us feel like we’re regaining just a tiny slice of that control. Making a deliberate decision to get rid of all the expired food in our pantry or to stop scrolling through social media for a week can help us to cope with the stress we’re feeling.

A final strategy for coping with the continuation of COVID is to realize when we might want to seek help. Reaching out for support doesn’t necessarily mean seeing a therapist, it can be as simple as setting up a weekly zoom chat with other parents from your kids’ current class to talk about what people are doing to cope. Or maybe it’s setting up a virtual visit with a professional organizer to strategize how to control your calendar so you end the day feeling more productive than you are now.

Be well and be kind during this difficult time!