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                   November Organizing Tips

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                                                            Clearing Your Calendar Clutter


As we head into the holiday season, our calendars could use a once over to make sure we hit January 1st feeling relaxed instead of exhausted. If you need a little extra motivation to free up some time this time of year, some research shows that planning ahead may be a more effective stress reliever than deep breathing or meditation. One great way to do this is to actually plan time on your schedule to do nothing. Set a specific and regular time on your calendar to make sure you squeeze in some me time to play games with the kids or spend time on your favorite hobby. And hold that as sacred space so you don’t end up letting other commitments creep in. Remember you need to put on your own oxygen mask before you are of any good to anyone else.


Another strategy is to set up a shared email with your partner or spouse. For most families, one parent ends up getting the school or sports communications and then has the added responsibility for keeping the other parent in the loop about updates. Even something as common as planning a vacation can benefit from this strategy. You won’t be left fielding the questions about “Did you make the hotel reservation?” or remembering to tell the other person the tour you signed up for got canceled and new plans need to be made. Imagine the time you’ll save by keeping everyone in the loop in real time and creating the opportunity for you each to handle some of the planning duties.


Finally, trim your daily to-do list. Data recently collected by the company I Done This revealed that 41% of to-do’s are never completed. So if you’re starting your day with a long list of items to accomplish, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Instead of a To-Do list, have a Gotta Do List to focus on the three to five highest priority items for the day. Ask yourself, “What needs to happen today so that I can sleep soundly tonight?” and use that as your benchmark for feeling successfully productive at the end of the day.