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                     February Organizing Tips

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                                             Maximizing Mindfulness

With the frigid temps in Minnesota, my typical practice of walking outside every day has taken a hit. However, yoga on YouTube has become my savior for fitting in some fitness regardless of what it’s like outside. A bit of an added benefit from the yoga practice has been becoming more in tune with the practice of mindfulness. In its most basic form, mindfulness is simply the “quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.”  You may be asking what the topic of mindfulness had to do with organization, and my response is - a lot!

Often people feel as if they’re rushing through their days without breathing, much less thinking consciously, about what they’re doing at any given moment.  One of the unfortunate consequences of this is that the next morning you may not remember where you put your child’s field trip permission slip or the receipt for the return you need to make at the store.  If you find yourself losing track of items often, the simple act of being mindful in the moment and stating, out loud preferably, “I’m putting this important  (fill in the blank) right here” you will increase the odds that you remember it when you need to retrieve it. 

Being mindful also allows you to think through solutions for delayed decisions.  Maybe you find yourself thoughtlessly dropping your once-worn clothes on the chair in your bedroom because you’re not sure where else to put them.  Soon enough this becomes a habit and you’ve lost the use of the original intention of that chair as a spot to do your reading or snuggling with your kids before bed.  Being mindful allows you to think “This chair is not meant to be a dumping ground for my clothes,” and to force yourself to come up with an alternative solution (maybe a row of hooks on the back of your bedroom door would work instead).  If you can’t figure out a solution yourself, brainstorm ideas with a friend or your spouse and you’ll come up with a variety of ideas in no time. 

Finally, being mindful can help you find greater balance in your life.  An unfortunate consequence of today’s world is that being uber-busy has almost become like a badge of honor.  If you find yourself holding back from inviting people over because the house is a mess, or you’re gaining weight because you can’t squeeze in your favorite Zumba class anymore, it’s time to reevaluate! Whether it feels like it or not, you are in control of your time. If you don’t have time to clean the family room or open that enormous stack of mail, it’s because you’ve decided (consciously or not) to spend your time in other ways.  Be mindful of what are your priorities for your life, and figure out how to make space for what’s truly important to you.  It doesn’t make you a horrible person to cut back to one sports game a week for each of your kids to fit in your own exercise, or to pay your middle-schooler to put labels on the mudroom cubbies so everyone is reminded where their stuff goes. 

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