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                    January Organizing Tips

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                               A Circle of Support


The phrase, It Takes A Village, applies to many things in life. If you carry that concept forward to your home, there’s no reason organizing has to be a solitary task; in fact it’s best if it’s not. Here are some ideas on building support in your home organizing endeavors:

It’s a family affair
A house won’t function like a well-oiled machine unless its family members all take responsibility for tune-ups. With laundry, grocery shopping, and other chores consuming the time that you’re actually home, it’s tough to fit in organizing too. One way to tackle this challenge is to divide and conquer based on each family member’s strengths. Maybe your husband isn’t great with cleaning or putting things back where they belong, but he doesn’t mind stopping at the club warehouse store to shop for food. Delegate him the task of shopping a couple times a month to stock up on staples which will make it much quicker for someone else to fill in with the fresh items in between. Maybe your teenager hates doing laundry but knows exactly where the games and toys belong. Put them in charge of picking up the family room a couple times a week, and grease the wheels if you need to with some spending money. Don’t leave your youngest kids out either; they might be able to easily match socks or fold towels and put them away in the linen closet. Every little thing you can delegate to someone else in the family leaves you more time to get to areas that need organizing.

Singles’ support circles
Living alone can make it even tougher to get around to maintenance of your spaces. Not only do you have to handle it all yourself, but there’s no one else there to prod or encourage you to keep the space looking nice. This is where it’s handy to build a network of support around you. If it’s too embarrassing to have you ask a friend or family member to help you organize once in a while, you don’t have to give up. Invite someone over to just hang out while you organize, and plan a fun activity to do after you finish your project. You can get caught up with each while you’re working, and it’ll help keep you motivated to stay on task and finish the job so you can get to the fun plans you have afterwards.

Professional partners
Sometimes a task requires more than some extra time and a set of hands. Sometimes it’s worth spending a bit of money to get peace of mind. This might mean sending your laundry out to be professionally done once in a while, or having a cleaning service come in a couple times a month. Most grocery stores have added personal shopping services now so you can save time by placing your order from home and then just pick it up. And if you want a fresh set of eyes or new ideas on how to organize your spaces more effectively, think about hiring a professional organizer. The project will get completed faster and less expensively than taking shots in the dark on your own, and buying new and different products hoping that they’ll make a difference this time. Instead of asking yourself “Can I afford to do this?”, ask yourself “Can I afford NOT to do this?


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