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                          May Organizing Tips

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                                 Organizing Essentials

The Covid-19 pandemic has really shed light on what is truly essential in our day to day lives. We may have realized that stopping at the coffee shop for a latte each morning isn’t a necessity for a productive day at work. Keeping the kids running from school to afterschool sports or evening scout meetings may not be critical for an enriching environment. But there are some tasks that often are on the back burner, and if you could conquer them now, would set you up for success in weathering this challenging time and beyond. 

First off, let’s cover an absolute must. In the past, if we had an emergency medical situation, often we would have a friend or family member along with us at the hospital. However, that is no longer the case, and only the patient is allowed into a hospital right now. So, whether you’re being seen for Covid-19 or not, you’ll be on your own. The intake process alone can be overwhelming with questions, and it comes at the worst possible time when you’re feeling horrible and are managing a lot of anxiety about the unknown. The last thing you want is to forget to mention a medication you’re on that could impact your treatment, or a serious allergy you have. So, download a notes app onto your phone and document the most crucial information there in case you find yourself on your own at the hospital. At a bare minimum document contact information for your regular medical providers, current medications and supplements you’re taking, and any underlying medical conditions you have. 

Finances are tight for almost everyone right now. But an unintended positive consequence of the pandemic is that we likely are spending less money than we typically would in a month on those incidentals like eating out and gym memberships. As a result, this is the perfect time to firm up your finances because we rarely have such a defined split in time that impacts our monthly money management. I would encourage you to look back at your credit card or debit card statements from January and February of this year and compare them with the same statements for March and April. See where you have opportunities to cut some expenses permanently. Maybe moving forward you’ll be able to negotiate working from home at least a couple days a week to save on gas and parking expenses. Maybe hosting at home cocktail parties with friends in the future will be a way to save on those expensive craft cocktails you pay for during a night out on the town. And maybe you’ve discovered that you like exercising outdoors much more than inside a fitness facility. The opportunities to save money are plentiful.

This pandemic has given many of us a heightened sense of concern over running errands that used to be commonplace. Why not use this time to develop a routine for meal planning in your household? Knowing what you’re going to prepare for the week’s meals will have a significant impact on how often you need to run to the store and potentially expose yourself to other’s illnesses. Additionally, we’re eating so many more meals at home, giving food some forethought will reduce the number of last minute scrambles to get dinner on the table when you’re busy helping kids get homework done and wrapping up your own work day. It doesn’t always have to be a prescribed plan for which meals are going to be made on which days, the basics are just to make sure you have a general list of meals to choose from so that you’ll have on hand what you need to get dinner on the table. However, if you’re willing to take it to that level, you’ll have a solid foundation for keeping up the habit once life gets back to normal. 

Finally, developing a self-care routine right now is critical. Even if you’re not concerned with actually coming down with the virus, the additional coordination needed to work at home, along with the social isolation from family and friends can really take a toll on our daily mental health. Take some time to brainstorm a list of those things that really feed your soul, and make a conscious effort to fit at least one of those items into your routine each and every day. We’re going to be in this thing for a while, so taking good care of yourself is an absolute must! I’ll leave you with this quote I saw the other day by Mother Teresa that spoke to me. ‘Life is a song, sing it; life is a struggle, accept it; life is a tragedy, confront it; life is an adventure, dare it.’ 

Be well and be kind during this difficult time!