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                    February Organizing Tips

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                            Erasing Email Overload


February 10th is National Clean Out Your Computer Day. This month’s tips focus on one component of that: managing all those emails that threaten to crash your mental capacity. This is a topic I think we all can relate to! I’m not an expert on this area, so right off the bat I will refer you to someone that is. David Allen is famous for his Getting Things Done system and has overall time management tips that include taming your computer.


As an organizer, one of the first questions I’m likely to ask is, “Do you really NEED that?” For instance, you know that you can go to the Better Homes and Gardens website to get great gardening information if you want it, and they’ll have their latest sale publicized right on their front page, so do you really NEED to get weekly email updates from them? If you can’t bear to take yourself off the e-mail list for your favorite stores, websites, and catalogs, set up a rule so that those messages are automatically sent into a separate folder. Repeat this process for other items as well like Facebook notifications or your book club’s updates. If you start receiving messages from a website that you’ve just made a purchase from, it only takes a moment to scroll to the bottom and follow the Unsubscribe link. Think of this as the equivalent of tossing the junk mail that comes each day to your mailbox. 

Doing this then allows your in-box to be reserved for only the most important messages you receive. Make sure you’ve set up folders to move long-term messages so that once you’ve read them you can relocate them to their appropriate folders so you don’t leave old information sitting in your in-box.  Examples of titles for your folders could be Fun Ideas, Current Projects, Pending Purchases, Old Messages, etc.


At the end of the year, set up a folder that says 2020 emails, and cut and paste everything from your in-box and folders into that one, so you start out with a clean slate for messages the next year. Repeat each year.


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