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                       April Organizing Tips

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                                          Earth Friendly Organizing

April is the month where we turn our focus to all things spring and taking care of this planet we live on. I’ve made some personal changes in the past year or two and wanted to share some of the products I’ve learned about that cut down on waste and also the need for storage space.

Many people have started to consistently shop with reusable shopping bags. The city I live in, Minneapolis, is even considering a tax on disposable shopping bags to cut down on their use. So if you’ve already made that transition; congratulations! I love how I don’t have to take up a large cupboard or drawer storing all the bags we used to bring home from the grocery store or mall. I’ve now taken the extra step of using reusable produce bags when I’m grocery shopping so that I don’t have to add to the problem of so many plastic products polluting the environment and harming wildlife.

Another transition I’ve made is to using bamboo paper towels. I read a statistic recently that if every U.S. household used  just three fewer paper towel rolls per year, it would keep 120,000 tons of paper waste out of landfills. They can be used for cleaning, as a replacement for napkins, or just wiping up spills. Most of the time I’m able to just rinse them with some soap when they’re dirty, but I’ve also put them through a wash cycle with my other laundry. Once they’ve been washed a few times they’re very soft, and it’s great not having to take up all that space storing 12 rolls of paper towels at once. The brand I bought is Benail Washable Bamboo paper towels on Amazon, but you might be able to find similar options at your local food co-op.

You may have seen these ads on Facebook recently, but they have a cool new product called zero waste reusable produce wrap and container lids. You can put this wrap around whatever you want to store, and then be able to wash and reuse it for wrapping new items or covering dishes of leftovers in the fridge. Imagine what it would be like to not have to store boxes of plastic wrap or wrestle with plastic lids on your food storage containers? Here is a link to their website; just click on their drop down menu for catalog products.

Finally, if you have a Keurig coffee machine, pick up those reusable plastic cups that fit in the machine and make coffee from grounds so that you aren’t tossing those K-cups in trash every time you make a cup. Keurig sells one that can be found here. Then you don’t have to have your counter or cupboard consumed with a storage container for all your different k-cups! Or if you still like the variety of flavors, do a google search for recyclable or compostable K-cups and you can find some options available for purchase. 


If you’d like some additional ideas; check out the documentary Minimalism on Netflix; those guys will win over your heart!