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                     August Organizing Tips

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                                        Learning to Lead An Organized Life


During the course of my more than fifteen years helping people with their organizing challenges, some tried and true pearls of wisdom have emerged that I often pass along to my clients. Here is a sampling of some of those tips I’ve learned along the way:

Have you ever struggled to establish a new, more positive habit in your life? I read an intriguing article recently on what why we might be struggling and how it might relate to our personality tendencies. Gretchen Rubin believes that good habits free us from making decision after decision, so “the less you’ll have to drain yourself using your willpower.” You can discover if you’re an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel by reading her book Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives.

One of the most common places people get stuck with organizing is deciding what to do with the items they have. Do I keep this still decent/useful item "just in case" or let it go? Peter Walsh, one of my favorite organizing experts suggests a great common-sense approach. Decide on an overall vision for the space you're working in and write it down or post a picture of what your vision looks like. Then as you come across items that get you stuck, ask yourself "Does this item move me closer to or farther away from my vision?" If you’d like to read more of Peter’s ideas, he has multiple books on the NY Times Bestseller list. 

Instead of fighting against an organizing system that doesn't make sense, read a little about how you can set up your spaces to work more effectively depending on whether you're right-brained or left-brained. Not sure which you are? You can take a free online assessment tool.

And finally, a tip of my own! "I want to GET organized” is the phrase most of us use to refer our goals. For instance, a client will call me and say they want to “get” their kitchen or the home office organized. However, “getting” a kitchen organized is not something that happens once and magically stays that way on its own. Long-term success is more likely if you change your mindset to “I will BE organized" in my kitchen this year. Just like eating healthier or exercising more is a lifestyle habit, so is “being” organized. It needs regular intention and dedication.

I’d love to help you learn to lead an organized life; contact me today to get started!