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                     January Organizing Tips

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                                                  A Fresh Start

These organizing tasks will get you off to a fresh start in 2019! Pick one to get started with each month and you’ll feel the difference come spring.

Want to improve your eating habits this year? Start by refreshing your pantry cupboard/closet. Empty your pantry shelves one at a time to get rid of old expired food that’s been shoved to the back. While you’re doing that, make a list of items that need to be replaced and refresh your perspective about what kinds of food you really want to be eating. When you put items back, group them by category and line up the same items on the shelves front to back so that all your canned beans are in a row behind each other instead of spreading all across the front and blocking your view of other items that might be behind.

What’s easier than losing body weight? Losing paper weight! I just purged my file cabinet drawers over the holidays and it felt great! I got rid of tons of unnecessary papers and moved out family history/archival items to a separate location so that what was left in the drawers was only current or active content.

Want to feel like a new and improved version of you? There’s something about the turn of the calendar that gets us in the right mindset to release old ways of doing things, so the New Year is a fantastic time to clear out your outdated clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Consider slowing the incoming flow of purchases by signing up for a service like Stitch Fix and try not shopping in the stores for a fixed period of time. Whenever we go to the store, it’s easy to get sucked into overbuying because we’re inundated with deals, deals, and more deals. A side effect of this is crammed closets filled with regrets and wasted money. With Stitch Fix or some similar service, you control the frequency of deliveries, it’s easy peasy to return or exchange items, and you’re sure to get on trend items you’ll be more likely to wear.

Want to keep on top of your household spaces more efficiently? Institute the one in/one out rule throughout the house. Each time your kids get a new toy, game or stuffed animal, make sure that you have them release an old one. When you buy a new kitchen gadget or appliance, send an old one that’s gathering dust on your countertop on its way to the charity of your choice. The possibilities are endless if you keep an open mind each time you bring something new into the house!

Looking forward to hearing from you this year!