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Project Pricing

Most clients wonder, "How much will my project cost?"

Organizers in Minnesota vary widely in their fees, generally charging $40 - $150/hour. Successful Simplicity, LLC has been helping clients save time and simplify their lives since 2004.  I'm proud to offer services you can trust at prices you can love, with a variety of service options that include packages or hourly rates.

Check out the options below to find the best fit for your organizing project.  If you're not sure how to accomplish your goals, give me a call and we can create the best service option for you!

Initial Organizing Packages

All packages include an initial 15-minute phone consultation to ensure the right fit for your project needs as well as a complimentary check-in with me one month after your project completion to address any follow-up questions.


Quick Clutter Cutter - includes one 3-hour appointment for $200


Need to prep for a party, get seasonal clothing changed in your closet, or set up a daily mail system? Then this is the package for you! The Quick Clutter Cutter will get you back on track in no time!


Ten-hour Tune Up - includes 10 hours of service scheduled over a series of appointments that accommodate your schedule. 



This is the ideal package for people that have mounds of unfiled home office papers, would like to streamline their kitchen cupboards and set up a meal planning system, or have been derailed by a health issue that created chaos in their daily routines.


Twenty-hour Triumph - includes 20 hours of service scheduled over a series of appointments that accommodate your schedule. 



Do you feel like you've struggled to be organized your whole life? Do you look around your home and see improvements you'd like to make in most spaces? This package is designed to help the organizationally challenged person systematically and successfully simplify your life. 



Maintenance Packages


Maintenance Magic - 12 hours total for a year, broken down into your choice of one 3-hour in-person appointment

 every 3 months or one hour of phone coaching sessions per month for twelve months.



This package is designed for those people that are back on track with their home's organization, and want to keep the momentum going. Imagine how amazing it would feel to refresh your spaces on a regular basis! And no one needs to know your little secret when visitors ask, "How do you manage to keep your house looking so great?"



Virtual Organizing Options


This choice allows for flexibility with a flat $50/hour rate, regardless of how much or how little time 

you wish to utilize.  

Although I am back to working with clients in person, I am continuing to offer all services virtually as well if you prefer not to have someone coming into your home. I'll provide an initial complimentary phone or video consultation to anyone who would like to consider this option for services. Virtual services can be conducted by phone or video conference, whichever you're most comfortable with. In addition to our virtual sessions, each client will receive up to a half hour of additional email support between sessions, free of charge. Services can be paid for using PayPal or by mailing a check.